Share your Digital Diary

Tell us your story…

The library would like to share some photos, stories, ideas that people are experiencing through these times of quarantine and shelter in place. We would like you to share your stories, photos or ideas of what this time in history is like for you and your friends and family. We will putting up the stories and photos up on our digital history site, Illinois Digital Archives so people can look back and see what it was like for us during this time.
Please consider sharing a story, a photo or both to share your quarantine diary for the archives.
When uploading photo from your phone or computer we have a size limit of 2MB so please resize before uploading if it is larger than 2MB. Thank you for sharing 🙂
By submitting my story and/or files to this collection, I agree that the material is licensed for use according to the Illinois Digital Archives: Copyright information Materials in IDA are generally in the Public Domain (no longer under copyright protection). However, some institutions may have received permission from the copyright owner to make the materials available. If you are in doubt about whether you can use an image, please contact the Cary Area Public Library for permission to use the image(s) in question. Many of the collections have a Rights statement in the metadata for each image. In doing so, you agree that the uploaded material is not copyrighted, or you own the copyright, or you have permission to share the content. You allow the site manager the right to: make private any item deemed offensive or that otherwise contravenes these terms.
Allowed file types are jpeg, jpg, png, gif File size cannot exceed 2 MB Please resize your photo if uploaded from your phone and it is over 2 MB. Choosing the medium size when uploading from your phone should be a good choice.