Resume Do’s and Don’ts

Most Important For a Resume

#1  Proofread. Have someone read over your resume. A parent, sibling, teacher, career services employee, etc.  A resume full of typos and inconsistencies is almost worse than no resume at all.

#2 Proofread.

#3 Proofread. Can’t emphasize enough how important it is!

#4 Don’t pad or embellish. You might make it through the interview and even get the job, but you won’t be able to deliver on the promises your resume offered.

#5 Keep it Simple and Clean.  Don’t use abbreviations and don’t get all fancy with text, graphics or boxes. In fact, don’t use boxes at all. Some online applicant systems can’t read what is in boxes.

#6 Personalize it.  Add or reduce the number of bullets, jobs, accomplishments, etc. as it applies to you. But a resume should always include: your name, email and phone, education (high school, college, certificates, etc), work experience (any type of work), accomplishments/achievements (in and outside of school) and skills (computer and languages in particular).