Meeting Room Reservation Instructions

Log into Choose Book our Meeting Room under the Services tab.

After acknowledging the policy choose: “Reserve a meeting room after reading this policy”.

  1. Choose your date and time period then “Search for a space.”
  2. Create a login (if first time) or login with username and password.
  3. The display will show which rooms are available for the requested time frame. Adjustments to the time and date can be made at the top. Green means available, red not available.
    To get more information for each space choose “See More.” This will list equipment included, setup options and limits for seating with or without tables. Choose “Pick Me!” to continue with reservation.
    Choose your desired setup by clicking one of the setup boxes and complete the required fields.
    For Organization either choose an existing one or create one. This will ensure your group name is displayed on the Events calendar on the website.
    When all fields are complete choose “Submit request.”
  4. Next screen will confirm your request has been sent, along with other prior reservations. You will receive an email for the submission of the request with a link to edit or cancel the request. A second email will be sent by the library when request is approved.

Once you have established an account you can access all your requests or make more requests. The program will also send you an email reminder the day before your scheduled meeting.

Non-library sponsored groups are allowed to use the room once per month and can make reservations up to 3 months in advance.