Getting Your First Job

Need a job? Follow these steps:

Watch our videos of local business owners’ tips on Getting Your First Job

1. Determine what type of job you want and gather the needed information for applications.

2. Determine where there are job openings by one of four ways:
    a. Look on our webpage for current openings
    b. Look business websites for the career or employment sections.
    c. Use the AtoZ database through the library to identify certain types of businesses in the area. Or ask for our help.
    d. Walk into a business during non-busy times and ask if they have openings or for an application.

3. Consider creating a basic resume with this template even without employment experience. See a sample of how it might look when completed. Getting it right!

4. Complete paper or online applications – see sample

5. Google yourself. Because your interviewer might. Do you need to edit any of your public social media? Also, do you have an appropriate voicemail greeting on your phone and a neutral email address? First impressions matter!

6. Prepare for interview by reviewing interview protocol

7. After you are hired

Questions or need help? We are more than happy to help or answer questions. Contact us at 847-639-4210 ext 228 or