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We featured four patrons in our fall newsletter (see below to read the article). If you would like to tell us your library story, please share it below in the online form or email us at news[at]

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I am a Library User

Why do you use the Library? Is it a habit you developed in childhood, or are trying to develop in your own children? Maybe you just want to expand your horizons, or maybe you just want the most of your tax dollars. No matter the reason, we’re glad you’re here.

“I think of our Library and a smile comes automatically. It’s one reason I’m grateful to be living in Cary. – Mary

Mary, a patron for over 40 years, loves the Library and tells us so every time she visits. She says that it helps her remain independent and allows for experiences she wouldn’t otherwise have. She attends programs and especially enjoys book discussion group: “Everyone gets a chance to talk and I learn something every time.” She has no computer at home and lives on a limited income, so she embraces the Library to add both practicality and enjoyment to her life– particularly the face to face contact with others in a society now attached to phones.

These sentiments were echoed by Francisco (pictured below), who is also a longtime patron. He says he saves money by using the Library for DVD checkout and attending events (he’s been known to cut a rug at our annual Dance Party!). He regularly brings his daughter to the Library because it keeps her busy, and “it gives me the opportunity to talk to people I may see around but don’t have a chance to talk to.”

Ann (pictured above), a patron since moving to Cary in 1979, brought her children in as they grew but has remained a user herself. She points to the Library as a community center saying, “When I sit down to work, I enjoy the activity of other people quietly working or meeting in groups.” As a business owner, Ann has utilized our resources and staff to help. “With the advent of digital materials, I have become more adept, with assistance from staff, at doing research beyond the traditional resources.”

As a first-grade teacher, Michelle (pictured on the cover with her twins), found the Library to be an outstanding resource for her classroom. And she has been faithfully bringing her daughters to storytime for years: “Not only have they built our children’s literacy, they have also helped create their love for reading and learning.” She also paid the staff a high compliment: “The Cary Library staff have become like family to us and my children feel at home.” We’re happy to hear it!

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