The Cary Area Public Library offers the following benefits:

Library employees who do not live in the Cary Area Public Library District are entitled to a staff card, which offers access to collections and services provided to resident cardholders. This is a temporary card that expires when an employee retires or resigns.

All part-time employees get two weeks of sick time, which is prorated based on the average number of hours worked per week.

Part-time staff members working 20 or more hours per week also earn personal and vacation time, which is prorated based on the average number of hours worked per week.

Employees working 1000 hours or more per year are enrolled in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF).

Full-time staff members (those working 30+ hours per week) also:

  • Are eligible for health insurance the first of the month following 30 days employment. 
    • If an employee who is eligible for the Library’s health insurance plan has other coverage, they may participate in the library’s “buy out” plan. This plan is available as long as half of the eligible employees participate in the insurance plan. 
  • Earn benefit time:
    • Three paid personal days after the first six months of employment have been completed and three per year thereafter granted at the beginning of each fiscal year. Unused personal leave may not be carried over to the next fiscal year.
    • Paid sick leave of 10 working days per year. Sick leave can be accumulated up to 300 days/2250 hours. Upon retirement, unused sick time will be applied as service credit towards IMRF. In the event of separation, no compensation shall be made for accrued sick leave.
    • Paid vacation time for full-time employees shall be earned at the following rates:
      • After 6 months: 5 days
      • 1-4 years: 10 days
      • 5-9 years: 15 days
      • 10+ years: 20 days