Beanstack App

The “Beanstack Tracker” app is available for iOS and Android devices and allows for convenient book tracking for our Summer Reading and Winter Reading programs.

Watch a quick tutorial from Niche Academy on how to set up your Beanstack account.


  • One-time sign-up: once you’ve signed up, you’re set for this program and any future program you want to participate in
  • You can enter the book you’re reading by searching the title, author, ISBN, or scanning the book’s UPC barcode. You may also log a book without specifying the title at all
  • The app offers a built-in timer to track your reading and see your real-time stats
  • Parents/caregivers can register their child(ren) and then log everyone’s reading (parents and each child) with just a couple of taps
  • Parents/caregivers with multiple children can log each child’s books quickly by selecting all the readers in the app