Memory Care Kits

Memory Care Kits are available for 3-week checkout and one renewal if no holds are pending. Kits must be checked out and returned at the CAPL Service Center. The collection is located on the shelving unit across from the public copier for easy browsing.

Aging Education
These kits include educational materials about dementia, planning for and giving care, and connecting with the human behind the disease. Five themed kits are available:

Conversation Starters
Looking for ways to engage with your loved one? These Kits include games and activities related to reminiscing, literacy, humor, art, history, and brain health as well as tools for creative expression. For all stages; use what works for your situation and leave the rest! Six themed kits are available:

To take care of our loved ones, we also need to care for ourselves! We know that caregiving can be a long, hard journey,  and that it’s easy to overlook yourself, especially post-pandemic so we have created two kits specifically for you, the caregiver. Two themed kits are available: 

In 2022, CAPL was awarded a $1500 grant from the Rotary Club of Cary-Grove, which was used to create the Memory Care Kits for those with dementia and their caregivers. In 2024, the original four Kits were re-packaged into 13 smaller kits after feedback from the community.