After Being Hired

You got the Job! Now what?

There will be paperwork to fill out including the I-9 form (verification of eligibility to work) and W-2 form (determines the amount of taxes to be paid) and, if under 16, a work permit. These will be provided by your employer and they are responsible for making sure you complete these forms.

You may be required to purchase certain pieces of clothing for your “uniform” which could include a particular color or pants or a certain type of shoes. You may or may not be reimbursed for these expenses. Usually, uniform items with the logo (shirts, hats, etc.) are provided by the company.

There will be training of some type. It could include reading an employee handbook, shadowing another employee, or demonstrations by a manager.

This is the time to start building your reputation as a good employee. This is especially important when you apply to your next job, internship or college program and need a reference from your current boss or co-workers.

  • Positive attitude
    • Smile and be courteous to customers and co-workers alike
    • Be upbeat and energetic
    • Be willing to learn
  • Be on time and ready to work
    • Arrive 5 minutes before your shift
    • Do not take extra time for breaks or meals
    • Do not do personal activities (phone, magazines, etc) while on the clock
    • Do not leave your shift early unless your manager approves
  • Performance
    • Be attentive and ask questions about your tasks
    • Do job tasks with a positive attitude without complaining or negative body language
  • Dependability
    • Don’t call in sick unless you are really sick
    • Don’t leave tasks unfinished
    • Work steadily and responsibly
    • Be honest with the company’s time and property
    • Honor the company’s safety policies
  • Professional: no matter where you work!
    • Take your job seriously whether it is fast food, in an office, or  working outside
    • Treat co-workers with respect
    • Be an excellent representative of the company
  • Be consistent
    • Do all of these all the time! Even when you are having a bad day.

And finally, when you do decide to leave this job, give them two weeks notice. It is the professional, responsible and respectful way to leave a job and will end things on the right note. And will reflect well when you want a reference for another job, internship, or college application.