Type of Job

Thinking about these key questions will help you define the types of jobs you may like:

Do you want full time or part-time?
When are you available: evenings? weekends? holidays?
What do you like to do? What are your talents?
Why do you want a job?
How far away from home are you willing to travel?
How are you getting to work?
Do you have reliable transportation?
Do you want an inside or outside job?

Once you have a feeling about what type of job you would like, ask your family, friends, school personnel or library staff if they are aware of any businesses that might be hiring.

If you are looking for more than an after-school or summer job, consider taking a career test which matches personalities and interests to occupations through this website:

You may find something that you hadn’t thought of. This website is also helpful with many other aspects for jobs and careers. It is definitely worth exploring.

Once you have identified certain types of work you’d like, the library has a database that can help you find all the companies nearby that may be hiring those types of jobs.