Director Diane McNulty to Retire

Our Executive Director, Diane McNulty, will be retiring on October 6. Read her farewell letter below.

Photo of Diane McNulty, standing in front of shelves in the Library.

After over 29 years of service to the Cary Area Public Library District and the
people it serves, I will be retiring on October 6. The Library Board of Trustees has
chosen our current Assistant Director, Mona Reynolds, to be the next Executive
Director of the Library.

Joins us for an open house on Saturday, September 23 from 2-4 pm to say goodbye to Diane and hello to her replacement, Mona Reynolds. Light refreshments will be served.

I have had a great time as the third Executive Director of the Cary Area Public
Library. I have worked with some phenomenal people who were on the staff, on
the board, members of FOCAL, and members of the public. The Cary area has been
very supportive of the Library over the years and we have been able to provide a
lot of programs, services, and collections to the community. Having a supportive
community helped us become a library district in 1995, expanding our service
area and including all families that were living in Cary School District 26. I cannot
neglect to give kudos to local businessperson, Tom Decker, for offering to donate
land and a building to the Library if we became a district. The annexation
referendum in 2007 added even more households to the library district and we
welcomed these new patrons to the Library.

We have been in the building since June 1999 and I have been happy to make
sure that we have kept it up-to-date and in good working order for current and
future users. Our largest modernization to date occurred in 2016 and not only
included an addition of a drive-up book window and return but also added study
rooms and additional program space. Most recently we changed our Service
Center and Tech desks to make them more user-friendly to our patrons of all ages.
These projects and the ability to offer new programs and services to our patrons
have been highlights to my time here.

I feel confident that I am leaving the Library in good hands with a talented staff
and a board that has the library as its main agenda. Both the staff and board have
had turnover in the years I have been here but they have all been library
supporters and that has made it easier to concentrate on the work that needed to
be accomplished. Along with our internal turnover, there has been turnover in the
other governmental agencies in Cary. Over the years we have maintained a good
relationship with our fellow agencies and enjoy working collaboratively with them
to make the Cary Area a welcoming community. It will be difficult to not be part
of this great organization and all of its supporters. Thank you all, I’ll miss being here.

Image of Diane McNulty's signature of her first name.

“I applaud Diane‚Äôs management of library funds, collections, and services but what I liked the most about Diane was she was constantly looking for ways to make our Library even better… and did. Thanks, Diane.”
~ Jan Polep, CAPL Board President