Annual Oscar prediction contest

UPDATE: The winners of the Oscar Prediction Contest are Darlene F. and Gary S., who both had 7 of the 8 categories correct. No one had all 8 categories correctly predicted, with Best Picture and Best Lead Actress being the most troublesome categories. Congratulations to them both!

CAPL cardholders are invited to enter our annual Oscar Prediction Contest that runs February 1-24. Ballots are available at the Service Center. Be sure to carefully look at the ballot this yearРthe space to fill in your name, card number, and phone number is now on the front and there is a new tie-breaker question on the bottom of the ballot. Two patrons with the most correct predictions will each win a $25 gift card. The fine print: One entry per CAPL patron, ages 13+. Tie-breaks will be determined by the tie break question on the ballot, so be sure to answer it. Winners will be notified the week of February 25. Good luck!