Dream Big: Engineering Our World

Are you or your child interested in math and science? You may have a future engineer in the family!  To see some of the astounding ways engineers can impact our world, join us from your own home for a special viewing of the award-winning documentary, Dream Big: Engineering Our World.  Choose a date and gather the family around to go on a journey of discovery from the world’s tallest building to a bridge higher than the clouds and a solar car race across Australia.  The film shows more than the ingenuity behind these marvels—it reveals the heart that drives engineers to create better lives for people worldwide.

Sign up for one of our four dates of free viewings here:

Tuesday, November 10
Saturday, November 14
Tuesday, November 17
Tuesday, November 24

Once you sign up, you will be emailed a link and password to view the movie in English, Spanish and Closed-Captioned versions. 

In addition, you’ll be given access to some live YouTube panels featuring young, diverse engineers (Dream Teams) gathered to discuss engineering from a variety of perspectives. Some of the panelists are featured in the movie. These are live events, and you will be able to submit questions to the panelists through the Chat feature of YouTube Live. These panels will run between 30 and 45 minutes and are targeted to middle schoolers and older. Links will be sent so you can choose whichever ones interest you!

Women in Engineering |Tuesday, November 10, 1 pm EST
Cities of the Future | Tuesday, November 10,  7 pm EST
Black Engineers | Thursday, November 12, 5:30–6:30 pm EST
El Futuro se Diseña/The Future is Designed (Spanish Language) | Thursday, November 19, 3 pm EST
Chats with Change Makers featuring Avery Bang | Friday, November 20, 2 pm EST
Engineering Extravaganza |Tuesday, November 24, 4 pm EST