Peeps Diorama Contest 2021

Congratulations to the winners of our 2021 Peeps Diorama contest:
Youth: Noah C. for “Peeps World”
Family: Alison and Will R. for “Zooming With My Peeps”
Teen: Molly S. for “Wheel of Fortune, Peeps Edition”
Adult: Kelly, Erik, Mike, and Rhienna for “Fold in the Peeps”


Vote now for your favorite Peeps Dioramas in each category (Family, Kids, Teen & Adult). You may view entries on our Facebook photo album (a Facebook account isn’t required to view them) or on our Instagram feed (an Instagram account is required to view them). Please, one vote per person. Voting ends April 1.


Participate in our seventh annual Peeps Diorama Contest! This year our contest will take place online. Create your own Peeps world inside a shoebox, photograph it, and submit it to the Library between March 22-28. We will post entries on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) for everyone to view. Voting will take place between March 29-April 1 through an online form. Winners in Family, Kids (grades 5 and under), Teen (grades 6-12), and Adult categories will receive a prize. Enter by yourself or as a group! View the rules below.

For inspiration, take a look at previous entries on our Facebook page and our Pinterest board dedicated to Peeps.


    1. Diorama must include at least one Peep.
    2. All characters must be portrayed by Peeps (no other figurines).
    3. Entries must have been constructed in 2021.
    4. Size: no specific criteria, but keep your diorama to the size of a shoebox or boot box
    5. You may work in groups but may only be part of one entry. Teams will be put in the category of the oldest member.
    6. By entering the contest you are giving the library permission to share photos of your diorama online. 
    7. The library reserves the right to omit entries it feels are not appropriate for public viewing.
    8. Voting for dioramas will take place between March 29-April 1. Winners will be announced April 2. 


When submitting your entry please include the names of creators, the age category, the title of the diorama, and a phone number you can be reached at if you win. Entries must be emailed to caryarealibrary[at] between March 22 and March 28. Good luck!